2004 R32 w/ C2.R32.400 Turbo Kit

This customer is an old friend that we first met when he bought a MK4 GTI 1.8t. After getting all of the bolt-on mods that most 1.8t enthusiasts insist upon, he decided he wanted the smooth power and sexy exhaust note of the R32, not to mention the Haldex all wheel drive system. The .:R was quickly given suspension and brake system upgrades, but the R32′s 240bhp was just not enough. The C2 Motorsports R32 turbo kit was just being released as he decided to go forced induction, so he decide to pull the trigger in late 2007 and get one on order. In fact, his was the very first production C2 Motorsports R32 turbo kit sold.

To this day the car continues to make incredible power and turn heads wherever it goes.


  • C2 Motorsports R32 Turbo Software
  • C2 Motorsports T304 SS Lowered CR Head Gasket Spacer
  • Raceware Head Studs
  • Precision PT35R turbo
  • Tial 38mm WG
  • C2 Motorsports SS Tubular Turbo Header
  • C2 Motorsports SS Intake Pipe: Turbo to Throttle Body
  • C2 Motorsports “The Bat” 4″ SS Intake w/MAF
  • 4″ Open-Element Filter
  • C2 Motorsports R32 Fueling Kit
  • 6 Larger Injectors
  • 6 Injector Harnesses
  • Forge DV
  • Forge UNOS Manual Boost Controller


  • C2 Motorsports SS 3.00 Down Pipe: V-band Equipped
  • 3″ SS Hi-Flow Cat
  • C2 Motorsports SS 3.00 Mid-Pipe Kit
  • Stock Mufflers
  • Exhaust Mid pipe (~40.00 long)


  • Hawk Performance HPS Brake Pads
  • Koni R32 Coil-Over Suspension Kit
  • Rial Daytona Race Wheels


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