This is a 1983 VW 2-door Jetta that I (Kevin H.) bought several years ago. Originally, the goal was to get it running with a bone-stock 2.0 16v 9a engine using Megasquirt engine management. The paint job (black/tan) was a rattle can flat paint job to cover the hideous retina-burning green that the previous owner painted the car. The car was purchased as a rolling shell, without any engine, transmission, or interior, and it had a busted stock suspension to allow the car to be moved. The first stage was to get all of the issues sorted so that it could be a solid driver. It still had no interior, a rattle-can paint job, and no exhaust (LOUD!).

After sorting all of the issues, a second 2.0 16v 9a engine was built using forged rods, high compression pistons, and all new parts, literally. the engine was purchased as a bare block and crank and everything had to be acquired. Expensive, yes. Time consuming, yes. But it allowed me to to through everything and make sure it was what i wanted, down to the oil filter flange, lightened/balanced intermediate shaft, etc.

When i pulled the stock 9a to install the built one, i planned on smoothing/shaving the engine bay. Of course, that snowballed and it became a full resto job. The car was stripped completely down to the bare shell. Since it was originally black, repainted green, and then spray painted, there were several layers of paint, so it was stripped to bare metal.

The entire chassis will be epoxy primed and then refinished from there. This is a current work-in-progress, so check here for updated pictures as they become available. Progress is somewhat slow, but I am going to be sure to take my time and do everything right. You can also check out our facebook page, as updated will be posted there as well.


  • 9a 2.0 16v
  • Wiseco Forged Pistons 11:1CR, 83.5mm
  • Scat 144mm Connecting Rods
  • Autotech Valve Springs
  • Supertech Titanium Retainers
  • Lightweight Cam Followers (From 8v)
  • Upgraded Cams (future)
  • GSXR 1300 Hayabusa 45mm Throttle Bodies
  • Mild Portwork (gasket match)
  • Lightened & Balanced Intermediate Shaft
  • ABA Serpentine Belt Setup
  • Euro oil filter flange for external oil cooler
  • Megasquirt (MS1 v3.0 – MSnS Extra firmware)
  • Techtonics Tuning 4-1 race header
  • Venair Coolant Hose Kit


  • Lightened & Balanced Flywheel/Clutch Assembly
  • 02a Transmission with cable clutch


  • Koni Red Shocks/Struts & H&R Sport Springs
  • Team Dynamics Pro Race 2
  • Full Scirocco 16v Disc Brake Conversion
  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads
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