Oil Tech: Additives

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Jul2012 27

In the previous Oil Tech Articles I explained that all motor oils on the market today consist of a base stock and an additive package. The base stock article explained the different types of base stocks, how they are classified, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. This article will focus on the other component [...]

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Oil Tech: Oil Analysis

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Jun2012 20

In some of the other Oil Tech articles I briefly touched on some oil properties such as total base number (the measure of remaining acid-neutralizing capability of the oil) and viscosity. There was also a brief mention of the additive packages that, in addition to the base stock, make up engine oil. One common question [...]

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Oil Tech: Functions

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Jun2012 09

In previous articles in the Oil Tech Information Series focused on the physical and chemical properties of engine oil, as well as some of the conditions that cause oil to break down, become acidic, and form sludge. While all of this is good knowledge, it is also important to understand all of the ways the [...]

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Oil Tech: Sludge

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Apr2012 30

One of the most dangerous substances to an engine’s lubrication system is oil sludge. Anyone who is familiar with Volkswagens and Audis knows that the early 1.8t engines (AEB) that came in Passats and A4s have a notorious engine oil sludge problem. VW’s fix is to use a larger filter, the one for earlier diesel [...]

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Oil Tech: Base Stock

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Apr2012 27

While non-detergent oils are comprised of only oil base stock, most engine oils on the market today contains several components, but they can all be classified into one of two basic categories: the base stock, which I will discuss here, and the additive package, which will be discussed in other oil tech articles (see the [...]

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