Carbon Cleaning

In 2006 Volkswagen (2005 for some Audis) began widely using direct injection engines in their vehicles. Direct injection sprays atomized fuel directly into the cylinder, allowing for very precise control over the quantity and timing of the injection event. The precise control over fueling allows higher compression ratios which adds up to better fuel mileage [...]

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Malone Logo

Canada-based Malone tuning is a household name among TDI enthusiasts. They offer a full range of performance software for Volkswagens and Audis, but they made their name in the diesel market. They have expanded their offerings to include most late-model diesel passenger vehicles, including models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Jeep. We became a dealer for [...]

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The cost of new cars continue to rise every year, and, as the vehicles become more technologically advanced, they also become more expensive to maintain. There can be unforeseen repairs with any vehicle, but a well maintained vehicle will always be more reliable and will save you money in the long run by running more [...]

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VF Engineering, based in Anaheim, CA, develops and markets supercharger kits for a variety of European vehicles, from Volkswagen to Porsche to Lamborghini. To support the power increases on vehicles modified with their power upgrades, they also developed a line of upgraded engine mounts for Volkswagens. When they were first released, the VF Engineering mounts, [...]

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Yarrado Project Dyno

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Sep2013 05

The copper corrado (Yarrado) project hit the dyno this past weekend. The previous dyno was essentially the same configuration, and the only change was the addition of a JDL Auto Design tubular turbo manifold and JDL downpipe. The results were a gain of over 50whp, putting the output at 535whp! More boost, more tweaking of [...]

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