…on my 2012 VW CC Rline. A curb jumped out at me during a rain storm last September and I started hearing the harmonic sound about a month ago. Sounded as though it was coming from the drivers side and that’s the side I hit the curb with. Told Kevin about the accident and he said that was great to hear so he could make sure they werected not replacing something that did not need to be. I purchased the bearing before the appointment and it was in the car. Later that day I received a call from the other Kevin that the car was about done so I went over to get it. After talking to them for several minutes about other related topics…… “they have a tremendous amount of knowledge about VW and share that with you” they informed me that the bearing was installed on the wrong side. A mistake was made an we all make them but they made it all right by replacing the correct one with a bearing they had in Stock. Thanks guys for all your information about other things regarding my CC. Thank you for your honesty and attention to customer service. I have now become a long time client of Apex Tuning and I advise anyone searching for a great VW service center to give these guys a call, you will not be disappointed. I’ll call in next week to schedule my appointment for the Tensioner then it’s on to Unitronic stage 1+……:).

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