…to switch from a Revo tune to Unitronic stage II. Along with the new flash, they offered to look the vehicle over for me to find any problems that I had missed when I purchased the car. Instead of finding issues, we were pleased to see a good foundation among some hidden goodies that had went unnoticed. First thing is first, the car drives way smoother than I ever expected and pulls much cleaner and harder than before. I typically stay clear of any work being done to my vehicles outside of my own garage but when I spoke to Kevin at Apex Tuning, I can honestly say that I felt confident bringing the car to him. I am very satisfied with the visit to their shop and the work that was performed, it couldn’t have went any better in my opinion. Needless to say, I will be coming back to Apex when the car is ready for a gt2871r among other things. Thank you Kevin and the whole staff at Apex Tuning.

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