I wanted to ensure the vehicle had proper maintenance done along with tuning the car. Being very wary of dealerships, I got a quick estimate from Kevin and the guys at Apex (all fluids changed oil/haldex/coolant/brake, new fuel filter, air/cabin filter, tune) and their prices beat my local stealership hands down. The guys were able to get my a quick appointment and work with my schedule. Being a 120 mile plus trip one way, they allowed me to hang around the shop while they performed the work on my car. Clearly, they have no problem with nosey owners ensuring all work is done properly and making sure their car is handled right. They were professional, knew their cars (the stealership didn’t even know what Haldex fluid was), have fair prices, and are just cool, down to earth guys to talk to. Most importantly, they use only top of the line fluids (VW certified) and OEM parts. Would recommend them to anyone with a VW/Audi for anything from a tune, regular maintenance, or even fabrication or engine builds. Will continue taking my baby to them from now on. They followed up with the the day after to ensure the car was running well and to contact them if I had any questions. Dealerships don’t even do this.

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