Recap: Waterfest 18

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Jul2012 25

We had an awesome time at Waterfest 18 this past weekend.

Apex Tuning would like to thank Unitronic for letting us help out with sales and flashing. It was a very busy weekend at the Unitronic booth, but it was definitely a lot of fun.

We also caught up with Integrated Engineering for dinner Sunday night. It was nice to finally put faces to names and discuss everything from Utah and the salt flats to their new products currently in development.

A lot of VW enthusiasts like to hate on Waterfest and New Jersey, but other than crappy roads and tons of jug handles it is usually a really good show. Or, at least, what little bit of the show we actually got to see when we could pull ourselves away from the Unitronic booth.

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  • Ulysses July 27, 2012

    how’s uni in comparison to the apr as far as mpg. does the mpg suffer a lot from the flash?

  • admin July 27, 2012

    Under normal driving conditions there is typically a slight increase in fuel economy. I can’t say for sure how Unitronic compares to APR in this regard.

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