Product Highlight: Energy Susp.

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Apr2012 24

Energy Suspension touts themselves as being the world’s largest manufacturer of performance polyurethane automotive components. That’s not hard to believe after browsing their vast catalog of polyurethane bushings, mounts, and other bits with application-specific parts for a wide variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs, both domestic and import.

Energy offers poly parts for most water-cooled Volkswagen vehicles, from the MK1 Rabbits and Sciroccos up through the new GTIs and Jettas.

Energy Suspension is the most popular engine mount insert we sell, and most of their mounts have a durometer (hardness) rating of 70A, which offers a nice middle-ground between stiffness and comfort. They do offer two different options for most of their products, identifiable by color (red or black). Both use Energy’s “HYPER-FLEX” performance polyurethane formulation, but the black bushings are graphite impregnated to improve the lubrication property. Additionally, the kits that replace parts connecting moving assemblies (sway bar bushings, control arm bushings, etc) include a tube of lubricating grease.

We keep several of the more popular Energy Suspension VW applications in stock, such as “dogbone” (torque arm) mounts, control arm bushings, and rear axle beam bushings. We can also order their full catalog, for anything from a Honda Civic to a Ford F-450.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding Energy Suspension’s product line, availability, or pricing.

For a full list of Energy Suspension products, check out their website

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  • Genivieve May 21, 2012

    All of Energy’s control arm bushings are full-floating and non-binding… especially important when ride height is altered or greater suspension load is required. Most are pre-lubricated. This is especially important for both lowered and raised vehicles that have had drastic suspension geometry modifications. Energy’s HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane control arm bushings do not rot or deteriorate from oils or atmospheric conditions such as ozone, smog, road salt, chemicals, and other corrosives. They will not deteriorate in a few short years and cause that mushy, uncertain steering response- like rubber O.E.M. ones often do. Most sets come with zinc plated outer metal shells.

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