Product Highlight: Hawk Brakes

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Hawk Performance is brand of high-performance brake pads owned by Wellman Products Group, which manufactures friction products for several different industries, including military, aerospace, trucking, mining, and many others.

There are several different compounds to choose from to suit your driving style, from a comfortable luxurious ride to all-out racing compounds, designed for maximum braking torque and initial bite.

For most street-driven applications we recommend the HPS (high performance street) pads. This compound offers a nice balance of braking force, low noise, low dust, and decent life. We sell more Hawk HPS pads than any other peformance brake pad. Hawk also has a ceramic compound, available for some applications, that offers very low noise and dust, as well as consistent fade-free braking.

For motorsport applications, the HP Plus is technically considered a street pad, but may have significant noise and dust. The agressive nature of the HP plus pads may also cause accelerated rotor wear and have shortened pad life. They do, however, provide a significant increase in braking force over any street pad.

Beyond the HPS and HP Plus, there are a dozen motorsports-only compounds, specifically formulated for any type of racing you can imagine.

We typically keep several different popular fitments in stock, and can order any product in Hawk’s catalog.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding Hawk’s product line, availability, or pricing.

For more information on Hawk’s line of performance brake products, check out The Hawk Performance Website

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