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Forge Motorsport started in the UK, offering a variety of aftermarket performance car parts for race cars and road cars. Over the years, they grew to become one of England’s largest manufacturers in their industry. In 2004, they expanded their operations to the United States, opening their US distribution facility in Orlando, Florida. Shortly thereafter, Apex Tuning began supplying Forge’s products to our customers. In fact, it was the first line of performance hardware we offered, back in the days when Apex Tuning was just one guy doing mobile chip tuning.

Since then, Apex Tuning has grown significantly, and, over the years, we have been grateful of the strong business relationship we have had the opportunity to forge with Forge. (OMG! I am the PUNisher!)

The most popular and well known Forge product is probably the “007″ Diverter Valve (pictured below). We’ve sold dozens of these in all of the different variations (straight or angled vacuum port, anodized black or polished finish). They are, hands down, the most reliable, well-built, and highest-quality aftermarket diverter valve available. With a variety of springs and shims, which are included, you can fine-tune the spring stiffness to ensure quick response while keeping it from bleeding off pressure under high boost.

Forge also has an extensive catalog filled with CNC-machined parts, as well as silicone hose kits and couplers. Not to mention, all Forge Motorsport products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Their product line includes a variety of diverter valves and blow-off valves, billet wastegate actuators, manual boost controllers, coolant and boost hose kits, intercooler kits, overflow tanks, aluminum radiators, and block-off plates. They also offer silicone couplers, reducers, and bends, hose joiners, hose clamps, t-bolt clamps, and alloy piping bends for those looking to create their own intake or turbo plumbing… and more…

We typically keep the 007 DVs in stock, along with some other bits.
Contact us if you have any questions regarding Forge’s product line, availability, or pricing.

For more information on Forge Motorsport’s line of products, check out The Forge Motorsport Website

Don’t forget, Forge is the title sponsor of Southern Worthersee 2012

Forge’s 007 Diverter Valve:

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      …and am very glad I went to Apex Tuning. It was the second time I had work done by them and, from now on, I will always go back. They provided the repair estimate very quickly and it was evident they knew exactly what the problems were (without a lot of input from my end). [...]

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    • Very polite group of people…

      …who take the time to listen and offer their help to you.

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    • Apex is amazing!

      Fast, Friendly, and Trustworthy! I highly recommend their services to anyone with an Audi or Volkswagen!

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    • Great people that do great work…

      …they know their stuff and give really good advice

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    • Had a very concerning issue come up with my 2013 VW GTI…

      …at the dealership. Apex Tuning diagnosed the issue in 15 minutes, fixed my car in an hour and saved me thousands of $$$!!! Customer for life!

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