In less than a decade, Integrated Engineering has gone from a small start up company nobody had heard of to the forefront of the VW/Audi performance industry. Initially, they developed a set of high-strength H-beam connecting rods in various configurations, including a drop-in option that accommodated the tapered 19mm wrist pin on later 1.8t engines. As with any new product introduced to the high performance VAG community, it underwent a lot of scrutiny from people that build and own the some of the highest powered 1.8ts in the world, and passed with flying colors. Today, we have sold more of their drop-in connecting rods than any other rod on the market, and have never had an issue.

After securing their foothold in the VAG performance aftermarket, IE went on to produce many other sought-after products. Their no-BS approach to providing the highest quality performance parts has led to some interesting and innovative products. They specialize in engine performance. Period. With a staff chocked-full of mechanical engineers and CNC machinists, you can be certain that all of their products have had been well thought out, well designed, and extensively tested using both FEA modeling and real-world trials.

Some highlights of their catalog include a variety of CNC machined products from tensioner brackets to block-off plates, a wide variety of high-strength connecting rods including the new I-beam Tuscan series, fueling products like surge tanks and fuel rails, and their own line of performance camshafts with an unbelievable horsepower gain. IE also offers a exclusive line of ARP hardware, not available anywhere else.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding Integrated Engineering’s product line, availability, or pricing, or to discuss your engine build.

For more information on Integrated Engineering products, check out The Integrated Engineering Website

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      …and am very glad I went to Apex Tuning. It was the second time I had work done by them and, from now on, I will always go back. They provided the repair estimate very quickly and it was evident they knew exactly what the problems were (without a lot of input from my end). [...]

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    • Very polite group of people…

      …who take the time to listen and offer their help to you.

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    • Apex is amazing!

      Fast, Friendly, and Trustworthy! I highly recommend their services to anyone with an Audi or Volkswagen!

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      …they know their stuff and give really good advice

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    • Had a very concerning issue come up with my 2013 VW GTI…

      …at the dealership. Apex Tuning diagnosed the issue in 15 minutes, fixed my car in an hour and saved me thousands of $$$!!! Customer for life!

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