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We recently wrote about 034 Motorsport as a company, but today we’d like to focus on one of their products. The 034 1.8t breather hose kits replace all of the hoses in the PCV system with reinforced silicone pieces.

We’ve sold quite a few 034 Breather Hose Kits for a few reasons:

  • VW 1.8t PCV systems are prone to failure, and we see a lot of cars with broken components
  • The 034 PCV kits are of a much higher quality and a better design than the OEM pieces
  • It is often cheaper to replace everything with the 034 kit than it would be to replace one or two of the components with similar pieces that are known to fail

Every time we have a customer come in with a broken 1.8t PCV component, we suggest the 034 Motorsport PCV kit.

The MK4 Golf/Jetta 1.8t kit retails for $135, which is about 40% of retail on the six OEM components it replaces ($327.33). The lower PCV hose alone, which is the most common component to fail, has a list price of $78. Four of the six components in the system retail for $60-80 each. This makes the 034 breather kit a smart choice for anyone with a broken crankcase breather hose.

It takes about an hour to install, and the 034 breather hose kit comes with new clamps and a new o-ring where the hose clips into the filter housing. For easier installation, we recommend replacing the lower spring clip with the older style 037121142A clip. It is also a good idea to pick up a new dipstick tube, as these become brittle with age and might break during installation of the breather kit.

These kits are available for most transversely and longitudinally mounted 1.8t engine configurations.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding 034 Motorsport breather kits, availability for your specific engine, or pricing.

Pictured below is the Golf/Jetta MK4 Kit

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2 Responses to “Product Highlight: 034 PCV Kits”

  • chris May 3, 2012

    does this work on 2003 1.8t gti

  • admin May 4, 2012

    Yes, they have kits available for the MK4, B5, and B6. We keep enough parts in stock to make a kit for any 1.8t.

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