Gerich, Kevin, and everybody over at Apex Tuning are the only people I will trust to work on my cars. I’ve dealt with VW dealerships here in NC and elsewhere, such as in MD where I used to live. Compared to the typical dealership experience, Apex Tuning has been worlds above. They actually schedule you an appointment, and communicate with you. If there are additional parts or repairs needed, I’ve gotten calls from Gerich to get approval before going ahead. I appreciate that input, and not just taking advantage of the situation to charge more. I trust their opinion on parts and services that are needed, and are probably one of the few automotive related businesses I know I can send my wife to without worrying about them trying to pull a fast one. Also I can get parts through Apex for work that I plan to do myself. Gerich is the man, and can take care of even odd ball cars, like my ’84 Jetta turbo diesel.‎

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About Apex Tuning is an independent mechanic shop specializing in Service, Repair, Maintenance, Diagnostics and Performance Tuning for VW and Audi vehicles.  Based in Raleigh, NC we are just a short drive from anywhere in the triangle region.
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